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Sandblasting Services


Sandblasting Servicessandblasting

Surface preparation is the key to long life and durability in any quality coating project. SDPC sandblasts all surface areas to achieve the proper profile. This ensures the coating will adhere to the substrate surface.

Good blast profile offers 3-4 times the bonding surface area for coating adhesion - SDPC offers the largest and most productive blast rooms available for services in Southern California.

  • Dual Blast Rooms with Media Recycle Operations
  • sandblastingSandblast booths 35’ long x 15’ wide x 15’ tall Ea Unit
  • Most blast-only services are charge time and material for handling and time in the blast room atSDPC. However jobs can be bid after inspection of job and project surfaces by our staff.

Sandblasting only services are offered at competitive rates with our high production booths.